Saturday, December 18, 2010

*bisou* bonbon: handmade body scrub

♥ Often referred to as Blue Magic 
♥ Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties 
♥ Soothe, heal insect bites and burns 
♥ Used in hospitals during WWI to disinfect floors and walls 
♥ Ease period discomfort, aid sleep and relaxation

♥ One of the most ancient flowers in existence 
♥ Very rich in vitamin C 
♥ Effective in cleansing toxins 
♥ Increase body immunity 
♥ Drive out fatigue, alleviate pain, offer comfort

♥ anticancer properties 
♥ antifungal 
♥ relieve cough and nasal congestion 
♥ aid digestion 
♥ relieve spasms, cramps, rheumatism and headaches

Himalayan salt:
♥ Pink, rose tinge hue ♥ Contains 84 "natural" elements needed by the body ♥ Counteractive against lactic acid ♥ Counter skin irritations, aid rheumatism and joint ailments ♥ Purifier, dissolves and dissipates negative energy

Apply on skin before shower / bath and rub gently in circular motion to exfoliate and remove dead skin and dirt. Rinse in shower, you may use soap after if it feels too greasy. Use once a week.

Made of: Himalayan salt ♥ Lavender / Rose / Lemongrass essential oil ♥ Vitamin E ♥ French lavender / Moroccan rosebud / Local lemongrass ♥ Sweet Almond oil ♥ Sunflower seed oil ♥ Rose hip oil ♥ Jojoba oil ♥ Manuka honey ♥ Green tea ♥ Shea butter ♥ Lots of love and *bisou*

For external use only. Use within 6 months of opening. Keep out of reach of children. Do a skin patch test prior to use in case of allergy. Keep out of sunlight and heat.

RM 30