Saturday, December 17, 2011

markets 4

We are always excited for Markets. Even more since it's Markets in Christmas! We can already hear the bells jing-a-ling-a-lingin'  :D  Sometimes it can get overwhelming churning out *bisou* bonbon goodies while juggling the day job. Most of the time we either take leave just the day before to prepare or work through the night into the morning of the market. It's tiring but it's worth it.

We worked for 1 week in a row to come up with a basket of Little Joys. They look marvelous even if we have to say so ourselves! 

Here we are! We even have a Christmas tree!

Update: we have, in the meantime, discontinued our whipped foot cream due to lack of proper tools. Stay tuned for any other updates.

Merci to all who dropped by to love, laugh, linger at BonBonniere. We definitely enjoyed your company.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

vintage christmas market @ big market

Soon it will be Christmas time and we've been awfully busy setting up our lil' BonBonniere booths here and there. Did you manage to catch us at the Vintage Christmas Market by Big Market? It was tucked in the Big Ideas office in a small nook over in Cheras. Big Ideas had a wonderful industrial chic space with cement flooring and whitewashed walls. We had a smaller table than usual but we made do. We didn't have alot to sell either due to the time constraints between bazaars. 

That's all we have left!

That's us staring into space (during quiet moments). Later we made friends with our neighbour: Petit Paper. She's so lovely! And we spent the rest of the day ogling at her masking tapes  ;)

Check out our card holder.

It was an intimate setting but this gave us opportunity to communicate and converse with  fellow vendors.

Love thy neighbours. We ended up buying alot from each other! Hilarious :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

christmas care packages 2011

Pink Parisien christmas care Package no.1

Package no.1:

Lavender / Rose Body Scrub mini tub (approx 230g) + Lemon-Mint Lip Scrub + limited edition Eiffel Snow earrings

With complimentary custom New Song x *bisou* bonbon hand-knit snowflake...

Perfect gifts for family / friends / colleagues who enjoys a pamper, loves things pretty and purposeful, dislikes artificial additives in their bath + body products, finds shower time therapeutic, deserves a good turn, were there for you when you needed them, just because you CARE

Pink Parisien christmas care Package no.2

Package no.2:

First-Aid Salve + 2 Mozzie-A-GoGo + soy-blend candle

With complimentary custom New Song x *bisou* bonbon hand-knit snowflake...

Perfect gifts for active family / friends / colleagues who enjoy outdoor sports, trekking up forests and mountains, camping in the wilderness or backyard, cheerleading, bbq-ing up a storm, picnic by the park, concert gigs in fields, ravesss!!

Package no.3:

Lemon-Mint Lip Scrub + Grapefruit Lip Balm + Eiffel wristlet

With complimentary custom New Song x *bisou* bonbon hand-knit snowflake...

Perfect gifts for family / friends / colleagues at moments when you just need something cheap and cheerful, who suffers of chapped + cracked + dry lips, is in the lipstick industry, SECRET SANTA *gasp*, love their pouts, at times when you wanna place a lovely small surprise on their desk - in their xmas socks - between drawers - under their pillow..!!


These festive packages made exclusive for Christmas this year is of limited quantity. Do email us for reservations at  :)  Spread some bonbon cheer to bisoulicious loved ones...

happy birthday helpers!

Bonne anniversaire to our booth fairies and gnome!!
We would not have been able to survive markets / bazaars without youuuu...!

Friday, December 9, 2011

mifw 2011

We've been so busy gathering material for our Christmas Care Packages! Do pardon our silence  :)

Anyhooters, did you manage to catch our facebook update that we were invited to witness the Malaysia International Fashion Week Asia Magic Gala show? That week we were channeling some Anna Dello Russo action and getting some voguespiration for *bisou* bonbon + *bisou* rose!

Fashion forward bath and body care?? You betcha!

We got a mention in Tongue In Chic!! *doing the happy dougie*
Notice that our Little Joy made the Style Snaps page?? We're feeling awesome possum!!


*bisou* bonbon ♥ Tongue In Chic

Thursday, December 8, 2011

big market vintage christmas market

Bonsoir ├ęclairs!

C'est super last minute but we'll be joining the uber fine crowd over at Big Market's Vintage Christmas market! Our Pink Parisien Christmas Care packages will be making their debut there so do come over and bring home some bonbon cheer!

Come love / laugh / linger at ♥ BonBonniere 

Venue: Big Ideas, 4-1 Menara Gading 1, Off Lebuhraya Timur Barat, Taman Connaught, Cheras
Date: 10th December 2011
Time: 1100 - 1800
Facebook event page:

Monday, December 5, 2011

new song x bisou bonbon snowflakes

This quote resonates with our hearts so deeply. 

No man's an island. Same goes to the handmade world. In the effort to support our fellow handmade community, we have teamed up with the very talented New Song to bring you babydolls EXCLUSIVE (with compliments of yours truly of course!) pink hand-knitted snowflakes!

Aren't they dreamy?? *happy sigh*

You can:
- wear it as a sweet pendant
- use it as a heartwarming bookmark
- hang it as an ornament on the Christmas tree
- collect two and make them a pair of awesome earrings
- keep it in your wallet as a lucky charm
- hook it to a wine charm and let it dangle from your champagne flute
- the options are endless...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

button our buttons

There's been so many new additions to the *bisou* bonbon & *bisou* rose family that we can't help but be overwhelmed! Things are moving slowly but surely up the hill and it joys us so so much to know that we've come so far after a year. 

Merci beaucoup our babydolls. You made us who we are... an all-natural handmade bath and body care company.

We got some custom badges made for ourselves to wear at markets / bazaars and decided to make some baby ones too! In the spirit of *bisou* bonbon's 1st year anniversary we will be giving out baby bonbon badges to purchases over RM120 and also repeat sales customers.

This badge allows you to an addition of 5% discount on subsequent purchases along with other potential benefits! C'est super, non??

Our first badge out to Mademoiselle Charlotte  :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

candle in the wind

We've been so excited lately with a new project up our sleeves: making candles!!

We could not locate a local supplier for soy wax and had to get it shipped in from UK instead. Soy wax is so.. smooth, brittle and creamy. The flakes are so gentle and they melt (on heat) in seconds! We made a blend to encourage longer burning time and firmer consistency of wax.

Anchored the wicks to the bases with some multi-purpose glue. We then 'kepit' the other ends between disposable chopsticks to hold them upright.


Voila! We're so proud of them :) All we need are some labels...

Our candles scented in hints of Pine + Lavender will be available in our Pink Parisien christmas care Package No.2  :)  along with our First-Aid Salve and a pair of Mozzie-A-GoGo in a super cool pail!

(Update, 05.03.14: Unfortunately we are in pause mode with regards to our soy wax candle production due to limitation in obtaining raw material)

Monday, November 28, 2011

pink parisienne christmas care packs


They're finally here!!  ~~HOHOHO~~

Check out our Pink Parisienne christmas care Packs for the festive season:

1. Lavender / Rose Body Scrub mini tub (approx 230g) + Lemon-Mint Lip Scrub + limited edition *bisou* rose Eiffel Snow earrings

2. First-Aid Salve + 2 Mozzie-A-GoGo + soy-blend candle 

3. Lemon-Mint Lip Scrub + Grapefruit / Rose Lip Balm + limited edition *bisou* rose Eiffel wristlet 

They make excellent Christmas hellos and would definitely stand out from under the pine tree! Festive season aside, they ALSO make awesome possum birthday / new year / anniversary / farewell / just-because gifts as well :) 

Our Pink Parisienne christmas care Packages are limited edition for the festive season so do grab 'em before they go go go.. don't hesitate to email us if you wish to make reservations.

"Tis the season to be jolly..." 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

now you see them (little joys).. now you don't

We got an urgent email from a maid-of-honour for a batch of custom Petites Joies. Unfortunately we were unable to fulfill her request as custom orders (especially those dealing with colour) require a 2 month pre-order period. We had just finished a batch of Little Joys and suggested she take a look to see if it any would suit her fancy. She ended up taking the entire LOT! We were beyond words!

1. Alair 2. Cosette 3. Marguerite 4. Martine 5. Pascaline

6. Ophelia 7. Avril 8. Mirabelle 9. Ivonne 10. Claudette

It was all about delivery that day. Little Joys in the morning and other packages in the afternoon.

As everything was so spontaneous and the fact that the wedding was just a day away, we had to use whatever we had at the time which was a basket... packed our lovelies in and wrapped it in tulle! Thank goodness we're such hoarders and had bits-n-bobs at hand  :D

We jumped into the car, turbo-ed to Klang and made delivery at 01:45! The bride is truly fortunate to have such a sweet maid-of-honour like that.

Su (msg): "Thank you so so much! So grateful that you came down here just to pass it to me. Will relay the stories of this mighty top notch service! I'm sure the bride would be so delighted to hear of this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love the birds too! Thank you :) *big hugs*"

We have always felt it's our business to make people happy. We slept so well that weekday night.. or shall we say morning  :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

stockist: kaleidoscope

We're pleased to announce that we are currently available in store at our stockist: Kaleidoscope  :)

If you're in the neighbourhood, do drop by and say salut to *bisou* bonbon.

It's a wonderful eclectic lifestyle store in the very new and hip Publika which houses a plethora of goodies (*bisou* bonbon included!). We're so excited to be in the company of other exquisite items and hope you enjoy our lil' corner over at the new place! 

G3-37 Publika Shopping Gallery
Jalan Dutamas 1
Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-62522270
Mon-Sun: 1000 - 2200 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

custom petites joies

Her wedding is this weekend. And our Little Joys will adorn her bridesmaids hair on that wonderful day.. How exciting for us! They're called Penelope (penelope une, penelope deux, penelope trois... and so on) and they're fashioned to the theme colour of pink and yellow!

*phew* Finally completed the final touches for our custom order of Petites Joies for a lovely bride today!! Packed it into a tres kawaii heart box along with a Parisian note-card. 
♥ Like the wedding, they were truly made with love ♥

Interested in custom *bisou* rose Petites Joies (Little Joys) for weddings / birthdays / showers / events? 

Do email us at for details and a quotation  :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

i.m. mag featured blogshop

Special thanks to Christy and Gwen for the feature. We'll be grinning all month! 

It's a SWEET monday for *bisou* bonbon as we've been selected to be November's featured blogshop on I.M. magazine!! Representing malaysian individuality, it's a magazine written by the people for the people. Personally, we absolutely adore the never-run-of-the-mill articles about Malaysia and its inhabitants. 

Available at: and other major bookstores like MPH, Times, Kinokuniya 7-11 stores and selected Popular bookstores.

We  I.M. Magazine!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

breast cancer awareness giveaway

Updated 01.11.11:
Salut Sheryl & Beverley!! Merci beaucoup for taking part in our Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway :) We're more than glad to send you a tube of our Mozzie-A-GoGo! Do email us your full name / day address / mobile no. with the header: BC and we'll post your *bisou* bonbon goodie right away... YEAYYY!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

an octoberfest picnic bazaar

It was a spur of the moment but we decided to jump in the Threadszoo bandwagon and  be part of the picnic bazaar!

Ecoba  proved to be the perfect venue what with the luscious trees and pebble  grounds. Not to mention wooden picnic tables along with brick + mortar walkway. 

It's Antoine's first time out of the bowl and he's bewildered!

Coton says he makes our Mozzie-A-GoGo look good just by standing beside them!

A pot of First-Aid-Salves. We're liking this gardener look for BonBonniere  :)

Super glad to have met y'all and thank you so much for the generous support! It was so cool minding BonBonniere as we chomped on the neighbour's cupcake watching bands play along with German girls do The Chicken Dance in cutey dirndls. You don't get that every day  :D

Saturday, October 15, 2011

tea foot two

If you noticed, our Rose Body Scrub now comes looking like a rose garden! Wee..!! Inspired by Marie Antoinette's garden in Versailles, we've sprinkled green tea all over the surface with a lovely bud of dried rose peaking out in the middle. Tres cute, non?

In the spirit of Eid, we gave out 'tea-foot-two'-s for those who purchased above RM10 at the Chic Pop Street Market 9... did you have a fun time sharing the 'tea'? Do share pics / stories!

Here's wishing everyone a belated pink and splendid Raya :) 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

*bisou* bonbon eye candy

No words needed. Feast your eyes and enjoy my beautiful meringues :)

Which is your favourite??