Thursday, April 28, 2011

big big merci

I was surprised to be given a box instead of a table but it worked out in the end as it added some variety to the display. I love how rustic we look that day! Oh and many of you enquired regarding our bunting.. you can get it personalized from Mimpi Murni. Murni's a crafting genius who makes nifty jewellery!

Everyone loves our candy jars :)

Someone asked about our Archie Grand. You can get it (and more) from ilovesnackfood. Adeline, owner, is a darling who collects and sells vintage suitcases and quirky kitsch!

Our Goddess Loofahs debuted that day and the response was overwhelming!! We've totally sold out and will not be able to make more for the moment as we're awaiting the next harvest. We'll alert y'all on our next crop yield when it happens :)