Wednesday, April 20, 2011

*bisou* bonbon: hair spritzer

♥ Natural moisturizing, restorative and anti-inflammatory properties 
♥ Operates almost the same way human sebum (oil) does 
♥ Ability to prevent moisture loss 
♥ Dissolves sticky build-up on the scalp that can form from daily use of other hair products such as mousse, hair spray and hair gel 
♥ Ensures that hair stays healthy and clean, with a natural shine 
♥ Improved scalp capillary circulation thus improving follicle growth hydrates from the inside of the hair shaft outward 
♥ Repairs split ends

♥ Used to stimulate hair growth 
♥ Helps build confidence and enhance mood (antidepressant qualities) 
♥ Long history of use for oily and troubled skin 
♥ Antibiotic and antiseptic properties 
♥ Deodorant 
♥ Cicatrisant 
♥ Promotes happy feeling and relaxation 
♥ Contained in approximately one third of all men's and about half of women’s perfumes

♥ Works as an astringent which normalizes scalp's oil production 
♥ Because of its PH balancing qualities, it can also be used to treat the opposite problem: dry scalp and dandruff 
♥ Stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth 
♥ Aids in removal of lice 
♥ Soothes an irritated, infected or inflamed scalp

Shake bottle well before use. Spray on semi-wet hair and massage gently into hair.

Made of: Natural spring water ♥ Jojoba oil ♥ Bergamot essential oil ♥ Peppermint essential oil ♥ Grape seed oil ♥ Lots of love and *bisou*

For external use only. Use within 6 months of opening. Keep out of reach of children. Do a skin patch test prior to use in case of allergy. Keep out of sunlight and heat.

RM 16