Sunday, June 26, 2011

fly me to the moon...

Merci merci beaucoup you lovely lovely people for dropping by
BonBonniere and purchasing something from our booth! I am graciously touched by the overwhelming support ♥

I really missed out on meeting all of you gems! I do apologize for my absence (though I secretly hope it makes your hearts grow fonder *wink) and look forward to seeing you at the next bazaar.

Weren't our booth fairies and elves of such spectacular help?! I do hope they assisted you well. I heard my old man (one of the booth elves) was hard at work over at Little Joys corner. Hope the old man didn't spook y'all out *giggle*.. he was really glad to help his kid out and also to be part of the market.. hee. I am so blessed to have such dear people in my lives. People who would sacrifice a lazy Saturday to come hold my fort... *sigh* "You're the lucky one. No I'm the lucky one" =w=

I heard so many of you asked after our fabulous guest book :) Get 'em (and so many more) at I Love Snackfood!

Alot of you were also interested in purchasing our brass Eiffel Tower (bought in Paris) and 'Keep Calm & Carry On Shopping' sign (bought in London) which is so delightful! Alas, they're not for sale.. display purpose only ;) Our *bisou* lightblok is a custom-made from Thesyemism

Everything was almost sold out that day and we're currently on full-force preparing for Urbanscapes next month!

We do hope you had good fun at Chic Pop.. we most definitely had a blast!

Did you get whisked away by our whimsical hot-air balloon into a castle up in the cotton-candy clouds?? Reminds me of Murni's romantic proposal.. *sigh* :)

Images courtesy of Zaahira & Ira (oooh rhymes!)