Friday, July 22, 2011

urbanscapes 2011 yippeee..!

Bonsoir babydolls :)

So tell us how was Urbanscapes for you?

We're so glad to say we're Urbanscapes virgins no more. It was such a carnival out there...! We wish we took more pictures but the heat got to us and we fizzed out by early afternoon *giggle* Despite what felt like the Arizona sun, we were thoroughly joyed by your presence and would like to express a heartfelt MERCI BEAUCOUP to those who dropped by the booth and brought some *bisou* bonbon / petite joies goodies home. It's sweet people like y'all that makes bazaars so much fun :)

T'was a summer party in our lil' *BonBonniere*!

Imagine pulling wooden chairs out to the pebble paths overlooking a festival on a Parisian jardin. That's probably what our Limited Edition Scrubs was feeling..!

Mozzie-A-GoGo made their merry debut that day! 'Twas a big fave amongst those who were about to hit the field that night / outdoorsy folks / active kids / sportsmen-women and a young lady who was about to embark on the kelip-kelip boat ride!

Just like it did before, our Lemon-Mint Lip Scrub stole the show :D

We knew it was a special day when a new friend came out to play... meet Pivoine (Peony) :) She's the reason for the unicorn dust overload! You can get your own at Le Petit Cirque! Lyssa makes the most divine creatures out of clay :)

Not everyone loathed the sun though... Juliette relished in her afternoon nap.

It's not a BonBonniere without glass candy jars..

.. and rows of yummy looking treats on a shelf! Hope you had a fine time shopping with us that day