Sunday, July 10, 2011

urbanscapes 2011

I am so stoked to know we made it into the Urbanscapes vendor list :) Like I've said before... it's like getting a chance to be a part of Woodstock..! Tres cool, non??

This annual event sounds like total fun overload so don't miss out! There's just something for everyone: music, food, shopping, handmade, art exhibits, shows... and a hot freakin' air balloon (hmm.. doesn't that seem familiar?)! I'm excited just thinkin' about it :)

*bisou* bonbon is at stall no.7 just beside entrance 1 (from Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital) and 8TV booth.

Do look out for us and come laugh / linger / love our products over at our awesome ♥ BonBonniere ♥

P.S: If you forget your repellant, you can always get our 'newly added item' Mozzie-A-GoGo stick for only RM8 to shoo them pesky mosquitoes away!