Saturday, October 22, 2011

breast cancer awareness giveaway

Updated 01.11.11:
Salut Sheryl & Beverley!! Merci beaucoup for taking part in our Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway :) We're more than glad to send you a tube of our Mozzie-A-GoGo! Do email us your full name / day address / mobile no. with the header: BC and we'll post your *bisou* bonbon goodie right away... YEAYYY!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

an octoberfest picnic bazaar

It was a spur of the moment but we decided to jump in the Threadszoo bandwagon and  be part of the picnic bazaar!

Ecoba  proved to be the perfect venue what with the luscious trees and pebble  grounds. Not to mention wooden picnic tables along with brick + mortar walkway. 

It's Antoine's first time out of the bowl and he's bewildered!

Coton says he makes our Mozzie-A-GoGo look good just by standing beside them!

A pot of First-Aid-Salves. We're liking this gardener look for BonBonniere  :)

Super glad to have met y'all and thank you so much for the generous support! It was so cool minding BonBonniere as we chomped on the neighbour's cupcake watching bands play along with German girls do The Chicken Dance in cutey dirndls. You don't get that every day  :D

Saturday, October 15, 2011

tea foot two

If you noticed, our Rose Body Scrub now comes looking like a rose garden! Wee..!! Inspired by Marie Antoinette's garden in Versailles, we've sprinkled green tea all over the surface with a lovely bud of dried rose peaking out in the middle. Tres cute, non?

In the spirit of Eid, we gave out 'tea-foot-two'-s for those who purchased above RM10 at the Chic Pop Street Market 9... did you have a fun time sharing the 'tea'? Do share pics / stories!

Here's wishing everyone a belated pink and splendid Raya :) 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

*bisou* bonbon eye candy

No words needed. Feast your eyes and enjoy my beautiful meringues :)

Which is your favourite??

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

working holiday

A cityscape at Carcosa Seri Negara turned into a working holiday when we decided to perform a photoshoot for *bisou* bonbon. We just couldn't resist taking full advantage of their elegant boudoir and bath :) Ahh stepping into the royal salle de bain and wondering if the Queen ever washed her face using those golden taps was such an exquisite thought! We brought flowers, herbs and lotsa of cake stands... 

We could not find decent shots on the digital camera and turned to  Instagram instead. The results were magic! 

These are some of the shots taken before we turned to the iPhone. Enjoy!

We couldn't allow the flowers to go to waste and ran ourselves a lavender-rose bath.  Looking out the open white shutter windows into lush green forest in what is the middle of Kuala Lumpur city as the whiff of lavender permeated our senses made it the BEST SOAK we ever had!

Next post: Instagram-ed product shots! Eye candy bien sur :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

bisoulicious giveaway 2

Remember our 'secret' giveaway (mentioned in our newsletter)??

Well.. hidden in one of our body scrub jars sold during Chic Pop Street Market 9 and Digi Green Bazaar is a golden (white really.. hehe) TICKET to winning the fabulous giveaway! Do rush and check to see if you're the very fortunate femme / homme and email us a picture of you with the winning jar + note at :) 
We'll pop the prize in the post asap. 

Frankly, we're just as excited to know who!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

digi green bazaar

Just after Chic Pop we received a heartfelt invitation from a previous customer (or as he puts it so nicely 'proprietor') of *bisou* bonbon to a Green Bazaar at the Digi headquarters! We couldn't pass up such a wonderful opportunity to display our wares in what we've gathered to be a very exotic working place. 

Indeed the place was unprecedented.. what with the open space, big-ass fans (literally) and zero cubicles. I heard that all you need to do is to find a space to plug in your notebook and whazam(!) that's office. Watching the waterfall trickle into their man-made canal made us wish we could work in such a refreshing environment.


We forgot to bring our stands which called for a single-storey display. Not something we were used to but it did offer a good mix to our usual template! 

Merci beaucoup Jun of Scrumpelicious for this tres fantastique chance  :)

An aerial view of BonBonniere! 

We were treated to a yummilicious feast of pan mee spaghetti and other mouth-watering fusion delicacies post-bazaar.  Oh Scrumpelicious you spoil us...  

A shout out to the Digizens: merci for the curiosity and kindness extended to *bisou* bonbon. It was so nice meeting all of you and we do hope you enjoy our lil' handmade loves!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

chic pop street market 9 @ markets 2


Did you miss us?? 

Well we certainly missed you :)

It was abit of a gloomy afternoon over at Chic Pop but hopefully y'all found some sunshine over at BonBonniere! 

Can you spot the moustache?

The crowd was slightly subdued but we took advantage of the mild ambience to explore the market and catch up with bazaar friends (as well as alot of shopping!). We were also graced by presence of old and new BonBon babydolls (yup, that's you *wink*). Merci beaucoup for dropping by BonBonniere and picking up a Petite Joie or two along with our ooh-la-la *bisou* bonbon bath and body care! We cannot thank you enough for showing us support and allowing us to continue to express our creativity and passion for natural handmade toilletries.

Special Little Joy price for markets only..

We like our shop sign. Tres chic, non?

Oeuf was in charge of marketing our bath salts. You should've seen him  strutting up and down trying to make a sale..

Oh dear, we absolutely forgot to take a picture of the new collection of Petites Joies. They did so well that day  :)

♥  See y'all at the next market!