Sunday, October 9, 2011

digi green bazaar

Just after Chic Pop we received a heartfelt invitation from a previous customer (or as he puts it so nicely 'proprietor') of *bisou* bonbon to a Green Bazaar at the Digi headquarters! We couldn't pass up such a wonderful opportunity to display our wares in what we've gathered to be a very exotic working place. 

Indeed the place was unprecedented.. what with the open space, big-ass fans (literally) and zero cubicles. I heard that all you need to do is to find a space to plug in your notebook and whazam(!) that's office. Watching the waterfall trickle into their man-made canal made us wish we could work in such a refreshing environment.


We forgot to bring our stands which called for a single-storey display. Not something we were used to but it did offer a good mix to our usual template! 

Merci beaucoup Jun of Scrumpelicious for this tres fantastique chance  :)

An aerial view of BonBonniere! 

We were treated to a yummilicious feast of pan mee spaghetti and other mouth-watering fusion delicacies post-bazaar.  Oh Scrumpelicious you spoil us...  

A shout out to the Digizens: merci for the curiosity and kindness extended to *bisou* bonbon. It was so nice meeting all of you and we do hope you enjoy our lil' handmade loves!!