Tuesday, October 18, 2011

an octoberfest picnic bazaar

It was a spur of the moment but we decided to jump in the Threadszoo bandwagon and  be part of the picnic bazaar!

Ecoba  proved to be the perfect venue what with the luscious trees and pebble  grounds. Not to mention wooden picnic tables along with brick + mortar walkway. 

It's Antoine's first time out of the bowl and he's bewildered!

Coton says he makes our Mozzie-A-GoGo look good just by standing beside them!

A pot of First-Aid-Salves. We're liking this gardener look for BonBonniere  :)

Super glad to have met y'all and thank you so much for the generous support! It was so cool minding BonBonniere as we chomped on the neighbour's cupcake watching bands play along with German girls do The Chicken Dance in cutey dirndls. You don't get that every day  :D