Wednesday, November 30, 2011

candle in the wind

We've been so excited lately with a new project up our sleeves: making candles!!

We could not locate a local supplier for soy wax and had to get it shipped in from UK instead. Soy wax is so.. smooth, brittle and creamy. The flakes are so gentle and they melt (on heat) in seconds! We made a blend to encourage longer burning time and firmer consistency of wax.

Anchored the wicks to the bases with some multi-purpose glue. We then 'kepit' the other ends between disposable chopsticks to hold them upright.


Voila! We're so proud of them :) All we need are some labels...

Our candles scented in hints of Pine + Lavender will be available in our Pink Parisien christmas care Package No.2  :)  along with our First-Aid Salve and a pair of Mozzie-A-GoGo in a super cool pail!

(Update, 05.03.14: Unfortunately we are in pause mode with regards to our soy wax candle production due to limitation in obtaining raw material)