Saturday, November 12, 2011

now you see them (little joys).. now you don't

We got an urgent email from a maid-of-honour for a batch of custom Petites Joies. Unfortunately we were unable to fulfill her request as custom orders (especially those dealing with colour) require a 2 month pre-order period. We had just finished a batch of Little Joys and suggested she take a look to see if it any would suit her fancy. She ended up taking the entire LOT! We were beyond words!

1. Alair 2. Cosette 3. Marguerite 4. Martine 5. Pascaline

6. Ophelia 7. Avril 8. Mirabelle 9. Ivonne 10. Claudette

It was all about delivery that day. Little Joys in the morning and other packages in the afternoon.

As everything was so spontaneous and the fact that the wedding was just a day away, we had to use whatever we had at the time which was a basket... packed our lovelies in and wrapped it in tulle! Thank goodness we're such hoarders and had bits-n-bobs at hand  :D

We jumped into the car, turbo-ed to Klang and made delivery at 01:45! The bride is truly fortunate to have such a sweet maid-of-honour like that.

Su (msg): "Thank you so so much! So grateful that you came down here just to pass it to me. Will relay the stories of this mighty top notch service! I'm sure the bride would be so delighted to hear of this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love the birds too! Thank you :) *big hugs*"

We have always felt it's our business to make people happy. We slept so well that weekday night.. or shall we say morning  :)