Saturday, December 3, 2011

button our buttons

There's been so many new additions to the *bisou* bonbon & *bisou* rose family that we can't help but be overwhelmed! Things are moving slowly but surely up the hill and it joys us so so much to know that we've come so far after a year. 

Merci beaucoup our babydolls. You made us who we are... an all-natural handmade bath and body care company.

We got some custom badges made for ourselves to wear at markets / bazaars and decided to make some baby ones too! In the spirit of *bisou* bonbon's 1st year anniversary we will be giving out baby bonbon badges to purchases over RM120 and also repeat sales customers.

This badge allows you to an addition of 5% discount on subsequent purchases along with other potential benefits! C'est super, non??

Our first badge out to Mademoiselle Charlotte  :)