Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year new hopes new dreams

It's the new year and even though we cannot erase the past we can always take a deep breath and go ctrl+alt+del and start anew. 

It's only after you've walked so far or climbed so further up that you realized how much has happened when you turn back / look down. We feel exactly like that. We've made so many new acquaintances and had so many additions to the *bisou* bonbon / *bisou* rose family. It's just wonderful to see ourselves come to such frontier from making our first few pots of lip balms for friends and family in Teluk Intan. 

We entered our name in a Facebook app to interpret our brand's meaning and this is what they came up with! We surely will strive to be as honest as we can to ourselves and waste nothing!

Bon Anneé all!