Monday, March 5, 2012

bespoke: gift baskets

We've been blessed with alot of custom orders lately. If there's anything we enjoy doing, it would be selecting items from our range to make it into a bespoke gift for someone's loved one. In fact it's one of work's joy!

This was a commission by a bridesmaid for the bride on her bachelorette night.
We went all 'something old something new' for the lucky bride-to-be :) We sincerely hope she has a fabulous bridal shower and that she adores this gift basket as much as we did putting it together for her!

Le Zen Basket. 

This is for a corporate birthday girl so we decided to go zen! Our 'le zen' basket is packed with items that we hope will help her unwind after an insane day at the office :) We're thinking a nice Lemon-Mint Lip Scrub + Lavender Body Scrub before a sensual relaxing Lavender Salt bath as she caresses her skin with our Hiver soap + Goddess Loofah while sipping on some grown-up hot chocolate with Stout marshmallows and drowning in the scent of 'le zen' burning in a handcrafted clay oil burner. She has her *bisou* rose Dame Liberte diadem on and she's feeling a little Kate! And just as she steps out from the bath she gets the Hair Spritzer all over her tumbling locks before dabbing on some Rose Lip Balm and sipping tea from her Jamie Oliver tea-for-one smiling at her mint plant in her favourite corner of the house!

We ♥ bridal shower bespokes. Theme: floral! 

If the bridal party find them to be a flower garden then our job is done!