Saturday, March 3, 2012

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Did you come visit us??

If you did, you'd have seen that we've grown! Or at least *bisou* rose has grown.

We started out wanting to adorn hair with whimsical and frivolous characters. Our handmade hair accessories are meant to be playful, not to be taken seriously hence the name Petite Joies / Little Joys. We believe that Birds are the new Black!

Apart from that we collect a myriad of delightful things and we cannot think of anything more wonderful than to share these ethereal wares with you.

Our lil' Epicerie 

*bisou* rose may have started out as a pre-loved blogshop but has since metamorphosised into an emporium of merriment. We always try our best to bring together a curation of wonderful quixotic goods. We handmake tres lovely hair accessories. We also believe in sustainable fashion and hope that one girl's pre-loved is another girl's vogue. So do feel free to skip about and look through our happy whimsical items... if you like it, buy it and love it as how tulips should be adored.

Carrousel on discount at RM35 (NP: RM45). Available in pink (SOLD) / cream / navy

Le Crane bracelet at RM15 available in turquoise / yellow / pink / black

Le Crane earrings RM12 available in turquoise / pink yellow and petite in  turquoise / pink

The skull is an iconographic 'memento more' (meaning 'remember you must die') worn by certain gods and goddesses. Thought to be a gift to remember good memories and happy time spent during 'dia de lor muertos' festival by the Mexicans. Bikers would wear it to ward of evil intentions. Wear this and remind yourself to carpe diem (seize the day) of memorable moments and fantastic experiences!

Jardin Lunettes (ALL SOLD)

For updates on available stocks or new addition head on to our Facebook album here!