Sunday, July 22, 2012

bespoke: rice paper and stripes

Our Eté precursor soaps have been getting alot of attention lately. As they do not have a permanent skin, as do Hiver and Printemps, this gave us liberty to get creative with the soap wraps! 

Personally, soap wrapping is our favourite part of the process. It's just magnificent to watch a bar of soap transform into an item of luxury (or so we'd like to think), a token of affection.. a gift. 

We had particular fun with this custom order. It was for an intimate party that was Geisha-themed. There is just something so subtly seducing and fragile about rice paper. With Eté being a 'lurrrve' soap, it is only appropriate that it gets dressed in such delicate wear. 

This was a custom order of Printemps. It was for a gentleman's club member . He was putting a kit together for a couple of friends as party favours. Inspired by Thomas Pink, we dressed them up to the nines in stripes. And my don't they look dapper?

Friday, July 13, 2012

why we do what we do

"I am a doctor but what people fail to remember is that I'm also human. I, too, have skin qualms and the desire to improve my outlook. Even more so considering my passion for beauty, botanicals, fashion and esthetics. I don't just treat chapped lips, acne or eczema. I have chapped lips, acne and eczema. I deal with them with the education I have been given, continuous research and trials. It's not just about prescribing what supposedly works, it's about sharing with you what have worked for me. And I sincerely hope they work for you too."

Dr Shelby on why she came up with Hiver, Printemps and other *bisou* bonbon goodies.

Monday, July 9, 2012

little loves especially for lebaran 2012

An extension to the Little Joy family, we made Little Loves especially for Ramadhan & Raya to happify tudungs, selendangs, kurungs and kebayas. Not limited to local cultural wear, they make wonderful conversational pieces when attached to vests, hair elastics, blouses, hats or bags.

RM15 each.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

hello deer market weekend

It was such joy when we received an invitation to join the wonderful peeps at Wondermilk at the Hello Deer Market!

We've always felt an affinity with Wondermilk and Hello Deer with their whimsical love for all things cutesy and eclectic. Inside we're closet hipsters and this is probably the closest thing we can do to express the rad in us! The market was held in an intimate little space just beside Wondermilk Cafe - we call it the Wondermilk Walk - that was beautiful, just beautiful. 

We had such a merry time. Most of all we were filled with such warmth and glee to see Jartastiques set of for new homes. We just know they will be loved.

That's us over at 3,2!


Jartastique is our range of handcrafted wonder jars. 

Fill them up with cotton balls, cotton buds, love notes, candies, confetti, buttons, spices.. heck fill 'em up with earth and turn them into terrariums! The possibility is endless  :D

Bebe Chouette ♥ RM 15 (AVAILABLE)
Bebe Poussin ♥ RM 15 (AVAILABLE)
Bebe Lapin ♥ RM 15 (AVAILABLE)

La Chouette ♥ RM 30 (AVAILABLE)

Le Lapin ♥ (SOLD)

Le Blaireau ♥ RM 25 (AVAILABLE)

Le Pegasus ♥ (SOLD)

La Licorne ♥ (SOLD)

Do email / Facebook msg us to inquire regarding remake availability.