Sunday, July 22, 2012

bespoke: rice paper and stripes

Our Eté precursor soaps have been getting alot of attention lately. As they do not have a permanent skin, as do Hiver and Printemps, this gave us liberty to get creative with the soap wraps! 

Personally, soap wrapping is our favourite part of the process. It's just magnificent to watch a bar of soap transform into an item of luxury (or so we'd like to think), a token of affection.. a gift. 

We had particular fun with this custom order. It was for an intimate party that was Geisha-themed. There is just something so subtly seducing and fragile about rice paper. With Eté being a 'lurrrve' soap, it is only appropriate that it gets dressed in such delicate wear. 

This was a custom order of Printemps. It was for a gentleman's club member . He was putting a kit together for a couple of friends as party favours. Inspired by Thomas Pink, we dressed them up to the nines in stripes. And my don't they look dapper?