Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Jartastique is our range of handcrafted wonder jars. 

Fill them up with cotton balls, cotton buds, love notes, candies, confetti, buttons, spices.. heck fill 'em up with earth and turn them into terrariums! The possibility is endless  :D

Bebe Chouette ♥ RM 15 (AVAILABLE)
Bebe Poussin ♥ RM 15 (AVAILABLE)
Bebe Lapin ♥ RM 15 (AVAILABLE)

La Chouette ♥ RM 30 (AVAILABLE)

Le Lapin ♥ (SOLD)

Le Blaireau ♥ RM 25 (AVAILABLE)

Le Pegasus ♥ (SOLD)

La Licorne ♥ (SOLD)

Do email / Facebook msg us to inquire regarding remake availability.