Wednesday, December 4, 2013

bisou bonbon x gin&jacqie

This festive season we are collaborating with local bag (and more..) label: Gin & Jacqie

We are big fans of their Organize Jacq and thrilled to have their cute little organizers carry our products in their pockets. The deals are such steals! You really shouldn't miss out on Gin & Jacqie's bags and accessories at such discounted prices. They make such wonderful gifts for family, friends, neighbours or colleagues. These deals are available on Gin & Jacqie website *here* ONLY. Take advantage of the slashed prices or just have a look at the full range, you're bound to find something suitable!

Glittery Jacq in Purple + Printemps soap + Cokorda coffee scrub = RM65 

Glittery Jacq in Pink + Soap Nuts + Printemps soap = RM65

Double Up Abbi in Grey + Shaving Oil + soap = RM70 (WE LIKE THIS!)

Carry All Luna in Petite Floral + Printemps soap + Lip Scrub = RM50

Pink See-Thru Organize Jacq + Hiver Soap + Stress Away Balm = RM50 (OUR FAVOURITE!)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christmas Collection and FREE shipping in December!

We present you our Christmas Collection for year 2013 (#xmasbisou2013). Here you will find handmade lovelies and carefully sought items curated for your unique gifting needs. We hope your friends, family, work colleagues and party hosts will find much delight in these gifts as much as we did putting them together! Feel free to love / laugh / linger here :)

We are also offering FREE shipping for purchases over RM100 in the month of December as Bisou BonBon turns 3! Weee...!

 Bisou BonBon Santa's Snooze Kit at RM45
- Hiver soap for a relaxing shower
- Shh-Sleep Balm to aid sleep
- Lavender Sachet as a pillow friend
all packed in a luscious Santa-suit-like velvet pouch and green snowflake ornament

 Bisou BonBon Santarina's Beauty Bag at RM65
- Xmassy BodyScrub for a festive glow
- Cuticle Kiss for a merry manicure
- Xmassy Lip Scrub-Balm Combo for mistletoe moments(!!)
all packed in a sexy Santarina-suit-like velvet pouch and pink snowflake ornament

 Purchasing our Solid Perfumes (Provence / Paris / Lorraine) as gifts this month??
Get a complimentary silver / gold foil pouch* and the Solid Perfumes will be stocking stuffer ready! 
*while stocks last

Eat Pray Jingle with our edible Lavender Sugar RM15 / RM20
Use in tea, coffee, cocktails or even baked goods! 
Choose between Tea4One (200g) wrapped in a festive muslin bag or Lavender Sugar (300g) on its own. 
*Tea4One pack comes with a jar of Lavender Sugar + teas + cup + wooden spoon.

Our Taxidermie butterflies and beetles make charming gifts. We will gladly wrap them up for you for free. Don't forget our awesomesauce Jartastiques! They're so magical and you can use them to store anything from cottonballs to herbs to loose change! Check our Taxidermie range *here* and our Jartastique range *here*.

'Tis the season of giving and we want you to know that a percentage of the profit made in November and December will be channeled to aid the victims of Typhoon Haiyan via Mercy Malaysia. We have already contributed RM250 and hope to make another donation before the year ends. We thank you for the kindness and support and hope you will be pleased to know you've helped someone in need of a meal / medical care etc.


Friday, November 15, 2013

jartastique for #xmasbisou2013

Clockwise from top: Unicorn / Mermaid / Pegasus

Clockwise from Top Left: Penguin (SOLD OUT) / Badger / Whale (SOLD OUT) / White Rabbit / Grey Rabbit (RESERVED) / Marmalade Cat (SOLD OUT) / Grey Cat (SOLD OUT) 

Clockwise from Top Left: Deer / Tiger / Tortoise / Giraffe / Horse (SOLD OUT) / Rooster / Hedgehog (SOLD OUT) / Badger / Siberian Tiger

RM35 : rabbit / badger / cat / hedgehog
RM40 : giraffe / penguin / tortoise / tiger / siberian tiger / deer / horse / rooster / whale
RM45 : unicorn / pegasus / mermaid

Our jar lids are handpainted in  teal / fuschia (random, unfortunately we are unable to do requests) with non-toxic, weather resistant Martha Stewart Crafts paint.

Kindly note we do not offer postal service for these items anymore due to many disappointing results. (update: Due to the many requests, we can post it still. However we will not be held responsible for the item if it is damaged during shipment. There will not be any exchange / return / refund for this item. It is a risk you will have to bear. We will of course try to package it as securely as possible)

However we offer pick-up services either at bazaars or at Ikea, Mutiara Damansara entrance on arranged mutual date+time. We are able to send to certain locations in PJ (ask us!) for purchases above rm100.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

nuit soap

Active charcoal soap has long been a favourite among the Japanese. Known for its detoxifying properties, this soap is a favourite for those with body odour and problematic skin. The herbal blend of rosemary, pine, tea tree and peppermint works wonderfully to invigorate and also to remedy mild skin irritation. This soap can be used on face and body. It has a mattifying effect so it works well with oily skin.

Approximately 100g.

For use on face and body in shower / bath.

Made of saponified oils of (coconut oil) ♥ Elaeis guineensis (palm) ♥ essential oils of rosemary, pine, tea-tree and peppermint

For external use only. Discontinue usage immediately in cases of allergy. Drain soap well after use and keep it as dry as possible with well ventilated soap dish to prolong life of bar. This is not a medical product. 



jour soap

A simple and gentle olive oil soap with a hint of lavender essential oil. This highly moisturizing soap can be used on the face and body. Due to the soft nature of the soap (owing to the high properties of olive oil), it should be kept dry in a soap dish at all times. A wonderful company to showers!

Approximately 100g.

For use on face and body in shower / bath.

Made of saponified oils of (olive oil) ♥ Elaeis guineensis (palm) ♥ essential oils of Lavandula angustifolia

For external use only. Discontinue usage immediately in cases of allergy. Drain soap well after use and keep it as dry as possible with well ventilated soap dish to prolong life of bar. This is not a medical product. 



Monday, August 19, 2013

trendy confessions private sale x *bisou* bonbon perfume bar

Bonjour beautifuls!

Our favourite plus-size fashion label Trendy Confessions has invited us to be part of their PRIVATE SALE (by invitation only!) this Merdeka weekend. How awesome is that??

Our PERFUME BAR will be making its debut on this tres special event and customers who purchase RM50 and above at Trendy Confessions' sale will be able to enjoy a tres special rate to make their very own bespoke scent!

Don't forget to RSVP at Trendy Confessions to get further details of the event:
sms / whatsapp / line / wechat: +6 0162051516

Trendy Confessions specializes in fashionable plus size clothes size UK 12-24.

Do note due to a friend's wedding, *bisou* bonbon will only be open at 1200-1300 onwards on 1st Sept 2013. Trendy Confessions will be open at 1100 as usual.

Our current favourite is their 2013 Raya collection: Shelby has them in Raya Jambu (far right) and Raya Coklat (far left)!
Suggested product pairing:
Cuticle Kiss for those tired wear fingers helping Grandma prepare that yummy sambal
Mozzie-a-GoGo for playtime at the kampung
Printemps soap to wash away oil and grime after hours of visiting!
Perfume Bar inspirational notes: spicy, woody

Favourite look: Isn't this dress demure? Takes you from day to night so easily!
Suggested product pairing:
Hair Spritzer to keep the tresses moisturized in the air-conditioned office environment
Stress Away to tame the pressures at work so you don't rip your boss' head off!
Perfume Bar inspirational notes: fresh, fruity, floral

There will also be a mini-pre-loved sale of plus-size clothings and knick-knacks. FUN!

The nearest ATM will be 5 minutes drive away (The Curve/Tesco Extra/Ikea). So do bring enough cash to shop although Trendy Confessions do have internet at their studio and are able to accept online bank transfers / paypal. Parking in the area will require a fee.

If any of you wish to do an order pick-up on that day at the event, do let us know and we'll arrange for it :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

win a *bisou* bonbon care pack with gin + jacqie

Click HERE to get started!

Flex some gaming fingers and win yourself a *bisou* bonbon care pack with Gin + Jacqie, one of our favourite local bag labels. Shelby's first working bag was a Gin + Jacqie and she still uses their nifty handbag organizer: Organize Jacq!

For more details on how to start gaming a win, visit Gin + Jacqie Facebook page HERE :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013 summer party: natural skin care tips by *bisou* bonbon

Aloha bonbon babydolls! 

We have JUST been invited to's summer party this Saturday to share some bonbon-licious beauty tutorials with the guests. This is a closed event but for those who managed to win invites earlier on, we'll be seeing you there 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Perfume Bar for hire. Perfect your bridal shower / party / intimate event


In need of a delightful activity for your bridal shower - bachelorette - hen night / birthday party / intimate event / wedding lounge?

Image source here. For illustrative purposes only.

Hire our Perfume Bar and watch your guests have a lovely (and most importantly, memorable) time curating their own scents as we gently assist them in the process.

Minimum pax requirement: 4

Fee: RM 80 per person (inclusive of material), discounted rate available for party above 10 pax

Contact us to determine availability (date / time) or further enquiries via...
Facebook msg:

Image source here. For illustrative purposes only.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts

Contains a basic guide, soap nuts + a complimentary muslin bag (for laundry use).

These wonderful berries contain saponins (a natural cleaning agent) when wet. They’re natural and absolutely eco-friendly. They have the ability to clean a wide range of items from laundry (best known for that and what we use them mostly for) to dish-washing liquid to liquid hand soap and can even function as a dandruff shampoo! They have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for eczema and psoriasis for centuries. And the best thing about the soap nuts is that once they’re spent and no longer produce saponins, you can toss them into your compost or garden and they’ll disintegrate swiftly! How awesomely green is that, non?
Such a fantastique way to clean your stuff all the while being gentle to the environment.

Approximately 200g.

For external use only. Use within 6 months of opening. Keep out of reach of children. Do a skin patch test prior to use in case of allergy. Keep out of sunlight and heat. This is not a medicinal product.

RM 25


With an additional RM10 (a bargain!) you can get 10ml of lavender essential oil to fragrance your wash. Do let us know if you wish to include the essential oil. Lavender essential provides a soothing scent and possess antibacterial qualities. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

*bisou* bonbon X gin + jacqie giveaway!

Salut babydolls! 

Gin & Jacqie is running the cutest competition to win some *bisou* bonbon yummies... head over and join the FUN!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

mother's day collection 2013

Available 28 April (Sunday) onwards :)

Show momma that love can come in a box! packed with handcrafted female favourites.
She'll definitely feel loved with this delightful limited edition care package ♥

Inspired by our trip to bali last year, we've created a limited edition range for Mummy dearest which features Balinese coffee boreh (scrub) and jasmine-scented lovelies.
We call it Cokorda named after the 16 years old Cokorda Maya, Bali's last princess ♥

Saturday, April 20, 2013

the hills are alive...

Apart from *bisou* bonbon, *bisou* rose and clinic work, time gets consumed by our Master's. At time, all the paperwork can make us feel like we're stuck in a rut. That's when the desire to experiment and create starts churning and we find ourselves stirring in the workshop rather than clickety-clacking on the laptop keyboard! 

All *bisou* bonbon soaps are made via the cold-process method. Soap is the chemical result of the saponification process between an alkali agent (in this instance, lye) and fatty acids (oil and butter). This was an attempt to produce a gentle Castile (which later in the French region brought into existence the fine Marseilles) soap. Inspired by a travel host's experience in an Aleppo soap factory in Syria, we were determined to make our version of the Castile substituting laurel oil with lavender instead.

Took a brief study break and spaced out by making a small experimental batch of soap. Sometimes we imagine ourselves as the Ricola drops lady whipping up a batch of goodness as she looks out the window into Swiss hills covered in wildflowers!

See you in a couple of days for slicing! Here's hoping you turn out well.. 

Revealing the soap from the towel-wrapped mould is always gripping.. especially experimental batches. It can either turn out well as expected or bad. Really bad.

Experiment not really a success. This batch proved to be a little too soft for our liking. Will cure them despite and see how they turn out in a month. Guess it's back to reformulation.

We usually don't speak of the failed experiments as it breaks our hearts when we are reminded of the money lost in the process but hey.. nobody said education is cheap!

Monday, February 18, 2013

automne soap

Named after the season Autumn, this soap is curated to invigorate and stimulate sluggish circulation where stubborn cellulite resides. Caffeine found in properties of coffee works in unison with black pepper to help increase blood flow in the area along with geranium known to help maintain skin integrity. Now shower / bath times are made more interesting when you can scrub-a-dub-dub bumps and lumps away!

Approximately 100g.

For use on face and body in shower / bath. 

Made of saponified oils of Elaeis guineensis (palm) ♥ Cocos nucifera (coconut) ♥  Avocado oil ♥ Shea butter ♥ essential oils of Geranium and Black Pepper ♥ Ground coffee ♥ Ground black pepper

For external use only. Discontinue usage immediately in cases of allergy. Drain soap well after use and keep it as dry as possible with well ventilated soap dish to prolong life of bar. This is not a medical product. 


SOLD OUT (restocking soon)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

été soap

Named after the season Summer, this soap is curated to set the romantic mood with ylang ylang known to have aphrodisiac qualities and patchouli which helps with relaxation and relieving nerves. Stimulate your visual senses with the beautiful swirls and touch with the seductive poppy seeds. This is the summer of love!

Approximately 100g.

For use on body only in shower / bath. 

Made of saponified oils of Elaeis guineensis (palm) ♥ Olive oil ♥ Shea butter ♥ essential oils of ylang ylang ♥ titanium dioxide ♥ Pink mica ♥ Poppy seeds

For external use only. Discontinue usage immediately in cases of allergy. Drain soap well after use and keep it as dry as possible with well ventilated soap dish to prolong life of bar. This is not a medical product. 


SOLD OUT (restocking soon)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

HEART PARTS by iHeart-This

We at *bisou* rose Epicerie are so proud, honoured even, to exclusively bring you this absolute work of EAT.. *oops* we meant ART!

Fatima was appalled when she found out that 40 billion plastic cutlery ended up in landfills that year and came up with the most intelligent and cute idea of combining them all into ONE utensil. She hopes that with the brilliant colours and design that everyone would wash and reuse the cutlery rather than throw them away. Though should the HEART PART get broken and thrown away, rest assured they are 100% biodegradable.

We at *bisou* rose were so blown away by this idea and product, we took it as our responsibility to help spread the love! We hope you find this just as fascinating as we do. Heal the world :)

Putting the LOVE back into your food, these cute, clever (and biodegradable!) eating utensils.
Choose from 5 juicy colors here.

Colours (clockwise from top middle)
1. Blue-Green
2. Grey-Black
3. Purple-Pink
4. Orange-Pink
5. Yellow-Green


*N.B. Kindly note that 1 HEART PART makes 2 cutlery.

P.S. Do email / tag us on Facebook / Instagram photos of your gastronomical experiences with HEART PARTS! We'd so love to see :)