Saturday, April 20, 2013

the hills are alive...

Apart from *bisou* bonbon, *bisou* rose and clinic work, time gets consumed by our Master's. At time, all the paperwork can make us feel like we're stuck in a rut. That's when the desire to experiment and create starts churning and we find ourselves stirring in the workshop rather than clickety-clacking on the laptop keyboard! 

All *bisou* bonbon soaps are made via the cold-process method. Soap is the chemical result of the saponification process between an alkali agent (in this instance, lye) and fatty acids (oil and butter). This was an attempt to produce a gentle Castile (which later in the French region brought into existence the fine Marseilles) soap. Inspired by a travel host's experience in an Aleppo soap factory in Syria, we were determined to make our version of the Castile substituting laurel oil with lavender instead.

Took a brief study break and spaced out by making a small experimental batch of soap. Sometimes we imagine ourselves as the Ricola drops lady whipping up a batch of goodness as she looks out the window into Swiss hills covered in wildflowers!

See you in a couple of days for slicing! Here's hoping you turn out well.. 

Revealing the soap from the towel-wrapped mould is always gripping.. especially experimental batches. It can either turn out well as expected or bad. Really bad.

Experiment not really a success. This batch proved to be a little too soft for our liking. Will cure them despite and see how they turn out in a month. Guess it's back to reformulation.

We usually don't speak of the failed experiments as it breaks our hearts when we are reminded of the money lost in the process but hey.. nobody said education is cheap!