Wednesday, December 4, 2013

bisou bonbon x gin&jacqie

This festive season we are collaborating with local bag (and more..) label: Gin & Jacqie

We are big fans of their Organize Jacq and thrilled to have their cute little organizers carry our products in their pockets. The deals are such steals! You really shouldn't miss out on Gin & Jacqie's bags and accessories at such discounted prices. They make such wonderful gifts for family, friends, neighbours or colleagues. These deals are available on Gin & Jacqie website *here* ONLY. Take advantage of the slashed prices or just have a look at the full range, you're bound to find something suitable!

Glittery Jacq in Purple + Printemps soap + Cokorda coffee scrub = RM65 

Glittery Jacq in Pink + Soap Nuts + Printemps soap = RM65

Double Up Abbi in Grey + Shaving Oil + soap = RM70 (WE LIKE THIS!)

Carry All Luna in Petite Floral + Printemps soap + Lip Scrub = RM50

Pink See-Thru Organize Jacq + Hiver Soap + Stress Away Balm = RM50 (OUR FAVOURITE!)