Monday, April 21, 2014

Lifestyle Collection

Inspired by one of our customers lately, we've come up with gifting suggestions for yourselves / family and friends! Take cues from our Lifestyle packages or purchase the proposed combination at a specially discounted price.

Packaging options:
- Muslin Bag: complimentary
- Custom soft box: + RM3
- Custom kraft box: + RM5
- Printed hard box: + RM8 (subject to availability)
- Custom tin packaging: + RM10-12 (subject to availability)

Add on options:
- Surprise item: + RM5 / RM10

Price: RM70

Price: RM65

Price: RM100

Price: RM91

Price: RM83

Price: RM105

Price: RM55

Price: RM94

Price: RM68

Price: RM90