Thursday, September 11, 2014

volcanic lava pumice stone

This is an amazing pumice stone derived from the Greek volcanic rubbles of Santorini caldera. The natural coarse surface shaped by molten lava foam makes for an effective exfoliating agent on tough spots like heels, elbows etc.

1. Soak feet/etc in warm water
(with Bisou BonBon Bath Salt if desired)
2. Wet stone and rub areas of rough skin in
circular motion gently for afew minutes
3. Rinse area and pat dry with towel
4. Apply moisturizer of preference 


Pumice Stone care:
Rinse often during use under running water
After use, clean stone using toothbrush and soap
Weekly, boil stone in hot water for 5 mins
Place stone under the sun or air until completely dry

Do not use stone on sore/open skin
Always keep stone clean and hygienic

Regular: RM28
Large: RM30