Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Christmas Collection is here! #xmasbisou2014

Christmas Body Scrub, RM 30

Christmas Body Scrub

RM 30

Our Christmas Body Scrub (RM30), a crowd fave, is back in town for the festive season!

Invigorate your senses with our exquisite Christmas blend exfoliation... we're talking cinnamon, cloves, sweet orange etc and your shower stall will smell like a busy oven at Mrs Santa's (N.B. book & decor for illustration purpose)

Santa Pedicure Pouch:
- Peppermint Foot Soak
- Lava Pumice Stone
- Christmas Chai Lotion Pop


Now this is a favourite!

Our Santa Pedicure Pouch (RM 85) is filled with necessities to get those callused tired feet ready for more party nights OR a journey delivering gifts all around the world!

Kickback on life with a refreshing peppermint foot soak before scrubbing the the volcanic Lava Pumice Stone to scrape out the rough edges (work them heels!). End the session by rubbing some Christmas Chai Lotion Pop all over! Your feet will thank you :) (N.B. decor for illustration purpose)

Bisou BonBon x Hello Pfft

Santarina's S.O.S Kit
- First Aid Salve
- Paris Solid Perfume
- Candy Cane Lip Balm


We are tres delighted to collaborate with fellow handmade crafter Hello Pfft on our Santarina's S.O.S Kit (RM 70)!

Inside this festive handmade pouch you will find emergency-friendly amenities: First Aid Salve, Paris Solid Perfume, Candy Cane Lip Balm lightly scented with vanilla and peppermint essential oil and a selection of 'tools' to help with party (and life) oops moments!