Salut and Selamat sejahtera :) Here's a craft loving Malaysian francophile from Kuala Lumpur who loves to make things, swap tea and attend soirees. 

I am obsessed with beauty products and have learnt to make them myself. Bisou BonBon came to be in December 2010 when I created my first natural lip balm which helped fellow colleagues and staff nurses, stationed at the hospital operation theatre, with their chapped lips. This fueled my fascination for botanical goodness and the desire to explore and make more products to help myself and the people around me. Bisou BonBon is French for 'kiss' and 'candy'. All ingredients, my favourite few being Shea butter, Argan oil, Himalayan Salt, Manuka Honey and natural plant essential oils, are carefully selected and concocted into what I hope would truly be treats for your body! I, too, have my share of skin plights and here are products of experiments (tried and tested) that have worked for me and friends. I am inspired by people, fashion and travels. On occasions, more often than not, I create capsule collections of bath and body products featuring local herbs/spices that I've sourced from the wonderful places I visit. I enjoy demystifying and introducing unique and exotic ingredients into my work. Having said that, I always try to support local businesses and independent suppliers to do my part in contributing to the domestic economy. I will continue to strive to involve better quality materials in my all-natural handmade products. 

Bisou Rose's Little Joy collection is an inspiration taken from Carrie Bradshaw's (Sex And The City) wedding. I want to adorn hair with whimsical and frivolous characters. I made them for my bridal party and it was a huge success at the wedding. My handcrafted hair accessories are meant to be playful and not to be taken seriously hence the name Little Joys. They're wonderful for weddings (bridal parties alike), garden tea-parties, Gyaru, the Royal Ascot or just a fun day out! Birds are indeed the new black! Talk about conversational pieces :)

I've recently rekindled an old interest in jewelry making while recuperating from some personal issues and the results are beautiful unique trinkets, some vintage-esque while others whimsical and exotic. Fashion, travels and fairy tales are my muses. Shelbijou are the expressions of my many facets and an interpretation of my appreciation for colours and cultures.

*bisou bisou*