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So Argan moisturizing oil

Body Scrub in Lavender / Rose / Lemongrass

Bath Salt in Lavender / Rose

Lip Balm in Love

Lip Scrub

First-Aid Salve

Cuticle Kiss (nails / cuticle balm)

Shh-Sleep Balm

Focus Pls Salve

 Stress Away Salve

Hair Spritzer mild hair detangler, awesome hair perfume

Mozzie A GoGo insect repellent

Solid Perfume in Marie Antoinette / Cleopatra / Elizabeth / Saadong

Printemps soap for oily, congested, acne-prone skin

Été soap for relaxation, rewind and romance

Automne soap for circulatory stimulation, exfoliation & coffee aficionados

Hiver soap for normal-dry, irritative, eczema-prone skin

Jour soap for simple, fuss-free moisturizing cleanse. Suitable for sensitive skin

Nuit soap for clarifying and detox with active bamboo charcoal

Shaving Oil

Lavender Sachet

Soap Nuts

Goddess Loofah

Fairy Loofah

Essential Oils

Detox Clay Mask